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In 2015, just four years after they got married, they moved to where Wills continued to work as an editor and Philip opened a small art gallery in the hallway of their apartment showing the work of artists outside of New York City. They also put on a summer show by New York artists they’d met and befriended.

The move, which benefited both, cemented ties with artists in St. Louis, New York, and across the country. Although they had both been art collectors before moving to New York, their partnership deepened in life and art. The work of art on their walls today is a narrative of their life together.

A Marilynne Bradley painting from Duff’s Restaurant hangs in the guest room, commemorating their first official date.

The two creatives – she is a writer, editor and photographer; he is an artist and former director of his own gallery – met through an elderly couple who became friends with Wills. They arranged to meet the two of them.

“They said, ‘It’s not a date. He’ll just show you downtown and then he called, “she said. “I called my friends from the car and said, ‘Today was the best non-date I’ve ever had.”

The no-date eventually led to the altar with a few twists, but that’s a story for another day.

They bought their new home on Valentine’s Day 2019 and started renovations to convert the two family home into a single family home. They did most of the work themselves and hired contractors when it was absolutely necessary. When the rooms came together, they hung their artwork, leaving room for future works.

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