Ask A Landscaper: Owner of Crimson Landscape in Richardson offers tips for your home

Clint Pingleton, owner and chief designer of Crimson Landscape, works with clients to find the best solution for their space. (Courtesy Crimson Landscape)

Crimson Landscape, run by owner and chief designer Clint Pingleton, has been in business in Richardson for six years. The company’s services include landscaping and installation for residential and commercial properties, as well as irrigation, drainage and concrete repair.

How was the business for you?

We really weren’t affected by COVID. Our core business is building; We are not a maintenance company. We saw the biggest growth in our business with outdoor living [additions]. People made stops instead of trips. That trend has continued this year, but the biggest surge we’ve seen this year is the post[winter] Replacement of storm systems.

How do you help a customer decide what to do for their garden?

Outdoor living is all about how they are used [the area]. Do you want a fireplace? Do you want a dining area? The second thing we take into account is where the sun is shining on the back of the property. When you associate that with plants or landscaping, it’s all about which way your home is facing [and] how much sun you get. That makes the difference in the world, and that’s how we determine the landscape. Since the houses in Richardson are of a certain age, it will mostly be a combination of shade tolerance or partial shade / half sun as most of the houses have fairly old trees.

How long does a typical landscaping project take?

Someday. In one day we can take out all the old bushes and put them all back in place [ones], Check watering [and] put in a limit. All plants are recycled; We don’t throw them in the trash. It just takes a little longer if it’s like a lot of plants.

What’s the biggest problem you see with Richardson?

[Plants] thrive if we properly prepare the soil and make sure irrigation is properly installed. We really want to take the old out and put new things in so we can go through our list and tick the boxes to make sure everything is the way it is supposed to be. What we all see in Richardson is that some of the houses are older [and] the drainage is wrong or the dirt is too high on the house. We see this a lot because many of the houses here are of a certain age. These are things that we want to correct as part of a new landscape and that is a big part of our work.

What do homeowners need to know in order to maintain a healthy garden?

I think most people miss landscaping that you need to make sure that the basics of your garden in relation to the home are right. Making grass green is easy [and] so that the plants look beautiful. What we want to make sure that customers focus on what matters is [whether] the drainage is correct. These are the things that I think people forget or don’t think about. Or another example is if you have a house with pillars and beams and wooden floors, does water get under your house? If the moisture level is too high, it will damage your hardwood floors. These are the things that are most overlooked in landscaping.

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