Cal Water now in Stage 2 of the Water Scarcity Contingency Plan

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As part of its drought management and response plan, the California Water Service (Cal Water) today officially enters Phase 2 of its water scarcity contingency plan in its Antelope Valley, Dixon counties , King City , Salinas and Selma . This brings all districts of Cal Water statewide to Phase 2 and is consistent with Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Executive Order dated March 28, 2022 and the State Water Resources Control Board’s Water Conservation Order. Tier 2 includes additional limits for outdoor watering and higher penalties for wasting water.

The utility regularly monitors and evaluates local water supply conditions and began moving its service areas to Phase 2 late last year when circumstances warranted.

“Our customers have done a great job during the recent drought by increasing water conservation – in fact a 26.8% reduction from summer 2015 to 2016 – and we urge our customers to continue the call for reductions in light of these exceptionally dry conditions of water use again,” said Martin A. Kropelnicki, President and CEO.

In most Cal Water service areas, outdoor landscape watering is now limited to two days per week between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. as follows, unless local ordinances provide otherwise:

  • Addresses ending in an odd number: Tuesday and Saturday
  • Addresses ending with an even number or no house number: Wednesday and Sunday

The utility’s Livermore and Westlake counties have different irrigation requirements in coordination with their other local water boards.

In addition, penalties for violating prohibited water use have been doubled in all districts. Some of the general requirements include:

  • Any leaks, ruptures or other malfunctions in a customer’s plumbing and/or irrigation system must be repaired within five business days of written notification from Cal Water.
  • Vehicles may only be washed with a hose that has a shut-off nozzle or similar.
  • No water may be used on driveways or sidewalks except for health and safety reasons.
  • Outdoor landscapes should not be irrigated during and within 48 hours of measurable rainfall.
  • Restaurants may only serve water upon request, and hotels and motels must offer guests the option of not having towels and linens washed daily.

“This drought has gotten worse than the last drought. As then, we are taking a customer-centric approach, working with our customers to achieve the savings they need,” said Kropelnicki. “We offer a variety of conservation programs to our customers and encourage them to use these resources to help conserve water every day.”

Cal Water’s industry-leading conservation programs include:

  • Lawn-to-yard discount of $3 per square foot Lawn removed and replaced with low-water landscaping
  • Spray-to-Drip discount of $0.50 per square foot Landscaping converted from standard spray irrigation to a drip system
  • Discounts on high-efficiency appliances and devices, with certain discounts being doubled
  • A free intelligent landscape optimization program that includes an irrigation system assessment, as well as installing efficient equipment and repairing most irrigation leaks
  • A free home maintenance kit that includes a garden hose nozzle with shut off valve, high efficiency shower heads, faucet aerators and more for home use

For more information on conservation programs, drought resources, and a full list of prohibited water uses, visit

Cal Water serves approximately 2 million people through 494,500 service outlets in California. The utility company has provided water service in the state since 1926. For more information, visit

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