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A vigilant Defense Basic Services worker prevented the theft of a company vehicle on Monday night – and arrested a man wanted in a stolen credit card case, according to a judge’s complaint filed with the Supreme Court.

The clerk, who had a part-time job at the Anigua Beach Bar next door, noticed the brake lights going on and off in a company vehicle parked in the Defense Base parking lot. He and another man went to investigate and found Nicolas JQ Perez, 31, in the driver’s seat of the truck.

Perez pushed both men aside as he tried to flee the compound, but the worker caught up to him and held him against a locked gate. Perez struck several punches before biting the man’s hand, but the worker threw Perez to the ground and held him until police arrived, the complaint said.

When officers checked the truck’s interior, they found wires hanging from the steering column.

Police had issued an all-points bulletin for Perez on April 19 when a Landscape Management Systems maintenance worker in Mangilao reported that a company fuel card, five-gallon fuel tank and front license plate had been stolen from his work truck.

While the police were investigating, they learned that someone had tried to use the fuel card at the Dededo Shell petrol station. Gas station employees were suspicious of Perez and contacted Landscape Management. While police were out, Perez left the gas station but was caught on surveillance video.

Police passed the license plate to a woman, who said Perez was her boyfriend and that he used the car with her permission, but did not return. Eventually, Perez left the vehicle at the Agana mall, and when the woman went to clean it up, she found his wallet containing credit cards that didn’t belong to him, the complaint says.

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On Saturday, Perez attempted to use a stolen fleet credit card at the Shell gas station in Barrigada and gave the clerk his driver’s license as identification, according to the complaint.

Perez drove a red Nissan Sentra, and the card was matched to a gray Mid Pac Ford. Noticing the discrepancy, the clerk stopped the pump. Perez took his driver’s license back and left the gas station.

Police traced the license plate on the Sentra and found that it was issued to a silver Ford truck registered with the Island Beverage Distributor.

A manager told police the fleet card was among several stolen and used at various Shell sites in recent weeks.

On Wednesday, Perez was charged with:

  • Attempted theft of a motor vehicle as a second degree offence.
  • Third-degree attempted robbery as a third-degree felony.
  • Fraudulent use of a license plate, theft of a credit card, theft by obtaining a credit card and two counts of fraudulent use of a credit card, all as misdemeanors.

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