Delicacies to try: baked goods in the City Folk farm shop

City Folk’s farm shop is more than just agricultural (or horticultural) supplies. Stroll the hallways and you may find jars of local syrup or honey. There’s also a fridge stocked with duck eggs and cheese and yogurt from a dairy farm with grass-fed cows … and a freezer stocked with meat products like venison. On Fridays and Saturdays, enjoy freshly baked goods from Johnsville Bakery in Mount Gilead, OH.

Near the cash register, customers will find a table with a random selection of cakes, biscuits, and breads. Amid all the homemade integrity of the options, the choice seems clear: Whoopie Pie Cookies and Oatmeal Sandwich Cookies (ringer for Oatmeal Creme Pies). There is nothing like satisfying traditional junk food that is handcrafted with care.

If you’re a veteran of the convenience candy scene you know you shouldn’t read the label on genuine junk food versions. Ingredients like “Propylene Glycol Monostearate” sound neither appetizing nor edible. With the Johnsville Bakery versions, that’s no problem. The labels contain common ingredients home cooks might use, including (on the oatmeal pies) butter AND lard. Bonus points for the lard.

In either case of biscuits, the end product is worth several iterations. The whoopie pies are framed by a delicate, cake-like chocolate chip cookie; The Oatmeal Cookie Sandwich is backed up by soft oatcakes with a straight crispy outside that testifies to their freshness. The oat texture also sets them apart from big box foods. Best of all, the filling inside the biscuit sandwiches is less of a marshmallow feather and more of a sweet icing on the cake. It’s part of the difference that makes a difference.

While the other edibles are available daily, the baked goods arrive at City Folk every Friday and sell out on weekends. You can find them at 4760 N. High St.

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Miriam Bowers Abbott

Miriam Bowers Abbott is a freelance contributor for Columbus Underground, who reviews restaurants, writes food-centric featurettes, and the occasional other contributor to community journalism.

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