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Why will i love it
Variegation is the new black, so it’s no wonder that Philodendron birkin – a relatively new plant – is trendy. The distinctive striped leaves are deep, glossy green with creamy white to yellow pinstripes, and each new leaf has unique markings. The mixture of brightly colored and plain leaves creates a striking contrast. One that inspires visitors.

Bright or shadow?
Indirect or filtered light, such as you can find on a wall next to a window, next to a frosted window or behind blinds that shine the light. Be sure to avoid strong direct light as it will scorch the leaves. And stay away from dark corners, because too little can make the plant look sad and lose its color.

Where should i put it?
Near a west or east window, on a coffee table or kitchen counter.

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How do I keep it alive?
Like most philodendrons, it is fairly easy to care for. Allow only the top 2 cm of the soil to dry out between weekly waterings. He appreciates a warm, humid location such as a bathroom or kitchen. Or mist frequently – use a humidifier or put the pot on a tray with wet pebbles. Colorful plants need help with photosynthesis because they contain less chlorophyll. Therefore, use a damp cloth to clean the leaves often.

Did you know already …
The Philodendron Birkin does not exist in the wilderness. It is a mutated variety of the Philodendron Rojo Congo hybrid.

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