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Password management software organizes and encrypts passwords so users can securely store, generate, and manage their passwords for online applications. Overly simple or reused passwords are among the easiest ways for criminals to compromise online accounts. Complex passwords containing letters, numbers, and special characters are harder for criminals to crack with automated tools, but much harder to remember. Password management software can solve this problem by creating complex credentials and storing them in encrypted databases stored either locally or remotely.

SoftwareReviews identified the best password management vendors of the year based on their Net Emotional Footprint (NEF) Score. The NEF Score is the result of aggregated emotional response ratings from users in the areas of service, negotiation, product impact, conflict resolution, strategy, and innovation. From the software user’s point of view, the NEF is a meaningful indicator of the general user sentiment towards the provider and its product.

Vendors with the highest scores are recognized as champions in their category.

The 2022 password management software Champions are as follows:

  • bitguard, +93 NEFto protect security and safeguard customer interests.
  • Zoho Vault, +96NEFto be effective and to provide product improvements.

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