Superior Court 1 – September 23

The state of Indiana recently filed suits in the Hancock County Superior Court against the following people:


Steven L. Drury, possession of methamphetamine, maintaining a generalized harassment, controlled substance, possession of controlled substance, driving while in lockdown with prior conviction, possession of marijuana.

The following civil actions were recently filed in the Hancock County Superior Court:


Cavalry SPV I, LLC versus Jasen Stayton, civil rally.

Jefferson Capital Systems LLC v Amber N. Clifft, civil action.

Jefferson Capital Systems LLC v Jimmy Boling, civil action.

Jefferson Capital Systems LLC v Cameron Bering, civil action.

September 14th

Musselman Landscape Solutions LLC v Cheryl Jacques, New Leaf Landscape Design Studio and Supply House LLC, Civil Collection.

City of Fortville v. Dennis P. Danielson, Katherin A. Danielson, civil plenary.

Case relating to Richard E. Kline’s estate, estate unattended.

Citibank NA v Adam Watson, civil debt collection.

Midland Credit Management Inc. v April Trusley, civil debt collection.

Midland Credit Management Inc. v. Death Cooper, civil debt collection.

16th September

Heritage Acceptance Corporation v Megan Abel, civilian collection.

Capital One Bank (USA) v Justin Nesser, civil debt collection.

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC v Carly Fox, civil debt collection.

Case relating to the Guardianship of Brooklyn Kylie Ann-Ethel Taylor, Guardianship.

17th of September

Citibank NA v Josh Blume, civil debt collection.

State of Indiana v. Felix C. Becerra Aguilera, various civilians.

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