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In a brand new document, ‘Milton Keynes’ Inspirational Landscapes: Now and Forever’, The Parks Trust set out its vision for green infrastructure across MK.

The Parks Trust has worked closely with Milton Keynes Council and various housing companies across the city to design, develop and deliver new green infrastructure and take it over by the Trust.

This infrastructure includes park landscapes, recreational and play areas, areas for biodiversity, habitats and wildlife corridors as well as surface water damping and drainage facilities.

The Parks Trust says that through this work it became clear that they decided to develop their own vision for the future development of an expanded network of green spaces for the city.

As Milton Keynes expands, The Parks Trust wants to ensure that all new neighborhoods benefit from the same size and quality of green space as the established areas.

Your goal is to make sure that the expanded city continues to:

  • offer people the space and the opportunity to relax outdoors
  • Providing a home for wild animals, protecting habitats and increasing biodiversity
  • Preservation and enhancement of cultural heritage
  • Manage flood risk and prevent flooding

This brand new document was created to support and add a crucial layer to the Milton Keynes Council’s MK2050 strategy.

It is also intended to support the existing guidelines of Plan: MK and to help shape the guidelines for the next plan for Milton Keynes.

The document is also intended for developers to provide solid principles to guide and shape their plans and to aid the Trust’s discussions and conversations with them.

The document is also publicly available.

The Parks Trust hopes it will be thought-provoking, engaging, and that the public will all be able to stand behind it and advocate it.

The document itself is a proposal for the future development of the Milton Keynes landscapes based on five key principles:

  1. The Need for a New Green Infrastructure Strategy for Milton Keynes: The designation, design and delivery of the landscape and green infrastructure should be guided by and in accordance with a city-wide strategy.
  2. Landscape-Oriented Planning: Landscape is at the heart of designing new and great places.
  3. Connecting Open Spaces: As Milton Keynes grows, we need to ensure that the green spaces and bodies of water persist as a single, interconnected strategic network across the city.
  4. Learning from the past: The green infrastructure network in Milton Keynes was planned and designed according to solid principles that have proven themselves over the course of urban development.
  5. Securing the future: Our park landscapes, open spaces, green infrastructure and bodies of water must be maintained and preserved over the long term.

The Parks Trust aims to promote this document and the principles it contains, and to encourage people to use this tool to assist and support their role in the growth of Milton Keynes and its landscapes.

A copy can be downloaded from the website or a printed version is available on request from [email protected]

Download a Copy: Milton Keynes’ Inspirational Landscapes: Now and Forever.

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