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The fair, which will take place on the Messeplatz in Basel until September 26, deals with humanism and at the same time offers the most modern collector’s design.


September 21, 2021

In the 15th year of its existence at Art Basel, Design Miami / brings together a selection of the world’s most prestigious galleries and designer presentations on the floor of the exhibition center. This year the fair pursued an ecological and empathetic approach by Aric Chen, the curatorial director of the fair, who chose “Human Nature” as the overarching theme. Check out our favorite moments from the show below.

Mirror with black hole by Atelier Van Asseldonk

The Black Hole Mirror, an unprecedented piece that was commissioned exclusively for the stand of Galerie Scene Ouverte, consists of more than 1,900 individual mirror fragments that convincingly capture and reflect light. The extraterrestrial object forms an angled, reflective landscape that gives the appearance of a hyper-realistic “rendered” piece that visually rearranges the reality that surrounds it.

Photography by James Harris

State of the world by Mathieu Lehanneur

Using United Nations demographic data, the French multiple hyphen makes a series of anodized aluminum works that mimick three-dimensional population pyramids from more than 100 different countries. Big events like wars and baby booms can be read and touched, reminding the viewer of their role in a much bigger story.

Photography by James Harris

Sucuri snake by Noemi Saga Atelier

The Brazilian designer has scaled her anthropomorphic sucuri snake sculpture to new dimensions with Botanic Green, a rare variety of emerald green quartz made by Pettrus.

Photography by James Harris

The Latvian-born designer is reminiscent of the minimalists of southern California in the 1960s, such as James Turrell and Doug Wheeler, and uses light, space and color to bring about a change in the perception of objects. His latest achievement is a series of functional sculptures characterized by exquisite panes of glass that navigate the intricacies of blue monochromatic hues with a shocking yellow tint.

Photography by Daniel Kukla

Ammonoid gamma by Misha Kahn

A month after headlining the first ever design NFT auction for a large house, Misha Kahn is keeping his momentum with the red-hot. at Ammonoid gamma (2020), who took home the Design Miami / Basel award for the best contemporary work. The plush piece is an undeniable highlight in Friedman Benda’s imaginative booth, evoking a backdrop inspired by allusions A midsummer night.

The elevator from Crosby Studios

In a shimmering interior, reminiscent of an elevator clad in corrugated iron, is a series of metallic, parametric pieces of furniture. It’s a typical excursion for founder Harry Nuriev, whose interiors often mix material, virtual and expanded realities and evoke a transitory space. Based on a space-age look and feel, topographical arrangements of finger-like, rubberized foam capsules form a shimmering sofa, an armchair and an ottoman that almost seem to move.

Reflected environment by Maria Bruun

As a designer who is deeply rooted in promoting Danish handicraft traditions, Bruun designed her own pavilion with monumental mirror modules that are arranged around a centrally placed round dining table anchored by stainless steel branches.

Photography by Ossip

Shy Synchrony from DRIFT

Super blue gifts shy synchrony, a multi-sensory experience by DRIFT, the Amsterdam artist duo Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn. It transforms the sprawling ground floor into a poetic, upside-down forest of moving flowers that evokes the transience – and the sense of wonder – of experiencing nature by mimicking the process of nyctinasty, the cyclical movement of plants in response on the arrival of dusk or dawn. This is followed by yoga and meditation sessions.

Stratus by Markus Hasse

Todd Merrill Studio unveils a stunning chandelier by the German sculptor before permanent residence at The Cortland, a residential building in Chelsea, New York. The almost 9 meter long light sculpture has interconnected “tendrils” and “rings” made of bronze and onyx, which are embedded in LEDs and create an expansive landscape of radiant, sculptural lighting.

Photography by James Harris

Carpentry jewelry

Carpenters Workshop Jewelry is a new division of the prestigious collectible design gallery that was first established in the pre-pandemic era.

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