Top 10 Cyberthreat Intelligence Tools to Protect Your Data

by Disha Sinha

May 1, 2022

Leveraging cyberthreat intelligence tools is enough to protect sensitive data in the future

Cyberattacks are increasing at an alarming rate due to modern approaches from the dark web. Organizations need to find ways to protect their effective data management through cyberthreat intelligence. There are several cyberthreat intelligence tools that can protect confidential data as well as customer interests by integrating AI and other cutting-edge technologies. Let’s examine some of the top ten cyber threat intelligence tools to create a barrier against future cyber attacks from across the dark web world.

The ten best cyberthreat intelligence tools for effective data management
Cisco umbrella

Cisco Umbrella is one of the leading cyberthreat intelligence tools for deploying and managing cyber threats effectively and efficiently. It offers hassle-free and flexible cloud security to extend the broadest possible protection to smart devices, remote users, and more.


DeCYFIR is one of the leading cyberthreat intelligence tools as well as an external threat landscape management platform. It is designed to protect organizations from cyber attacks while creating the digital risk profile with personalized cyber threat information. It offers a cloud-based SaaS platform with guided steps for methodical threat analysis.


GreyNoise is a well-known threat intelligence tool that collects and analyzes IP data to scan the Internet and put security tools to work to prevent cyberattacks. It helps analysts focus more on potential cyber attacks to continue existing data management efficiently.


Cymon is a popular cyberthreat intelligence tool from eSentire that provides a secure platform for collecting and distributing IOC feeds. It offers features to reduce the risk of cyber attacks for effective data management by leveraging AI.


ActorTrackr uses AI to offer an open source web application for storing and linking actor data for effective data management. It is known for analyzing and creating threat intelligence on IOC based platforms and the primary sources are received from users as well as multiple public repositories to protect data from potential cyber attacks.


Luminar is part of Cognyte, a market leader in security analytics software to provide governments and businesses with actionable intelligence against cyberattacks. Luminar is one of the leading cyberthreat intelligence tools, enabling SOC teams to run proactive and analytics-driven CTI operations against threat intelligence repositories.

Threat Intelligence APIs

Threat Intelligence APIs is a cyber threat trend intelligence tool to improve the detection and analysis of potential cyber attacks in the near future. These APIs can improve threat indicators in SIEM while providing rich host and IP address information for automating threat investigations.


ThreatFusion uses AI to offer autonomous technology for proper analysis and interpretation of effective data management to prevent potential cyberattacks. It helps to identify leaked credentials and other important data of an organization. It is a cloud-based platform that provides API-enabled, real-time information on cyberattacks to prepare strategies to prevent them. is a threat intelligence SaaS platform to detect in real-time that users are being abused by the public blacklists to protect data management from future cyberattacks. It preserves all sensitive data through AI extraction processes for updated data management in an organization.

Botnet Tracker

Botnet Tracker helps to monitor all live botnet activity around the world to protect sensitive data from botnets. It helps to stay in control of botnet activities to prevent potential cyber attacks on the existing computer system. It tends to infect other computers while geographically spreading across multiple IP address spaces.

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