US Lawns, a fast-growing commercial landscape franchise, provides lawn care and landscaping services in Orlando, Florida

OrlandoFlorida – US Lawns is a nationwide franchise specializing in landscaping services. This franchise has built lasting partnerships with real estate owners, HOAs and housing managers, industrial parks, medical campuses and other commercial institutions.

This franchise has been in operation since 1986 with more than 250 locations in nearly 50 states, making it one of the fastest growing commercial landscape maintenance franchises in the country. As their representative explained, the company owes this success to its access to the best landscaping equipment and materials from manufacturers and suppliers. In addition, networking among franchisees provides a better platform to share their experiences and improve their services.

Commenting on his services, the US Lawns representative said, “Our nationwide network of landscape professionals, dedicated local owners and operators and their teams, supported by the expertise of today’s most experienced industry leaders, carefully develops customized plans for each client. You can sit back and relax knowing that every detail is taken care of, whatever the season.”

One of the locations that this franchise serves is Orlando, Florida. This office adheres to established policies and service standards and is passionate about keeping clients’ properties attractive. Services provided by US Lawns specialists include landscape enhancements, where they improve soil intake by adding sand and other organic matter, change the topography of the landscape, and improve drainage by installing French and surface drains and dry creek beds.

This team also provides lawn care services such as fertilization, weed control, aeration and pest control. Their tree care services include tree installation and care, including pruning and fertilizing. US Lawns offers installation, upgrade and maintenance of modern irrigation systems that use sensors for efficient water use. They have experience with xeriscapes, an art of conserving water in disadvantaged areas.

By offering these lawn care and landscaping services, this franchise aims to enable businesses to attract customers, improve safety, reduce landscaping costs and develop personalized maintenance schedules. Another way this team ensures lawns and landscapes are maintained is through snow and ice management services. They use state-of-the-art equipment for storm response weather alerts and offer ice surface pre-treatment options such as salt, brine, gravel and sand.

US Lawns provides commercial landscape services such as installing retaining walls, outdoor fireplaces, edging, paved patios, footpaths and sidewalks, and gazebos and decks. They also build arbors, trellises and pergolas for flowering plants and water features such as fountains and natural stone waterfalls.

This franchise is located at 6700 Forum Drive Suite 150, Orlando, Florida, 32821, USA. Contact them by phone at (407) 246-1630 to schedule a service. Visit the franchise’s website to learn more about US Lawns.

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