Week of May 9, 2022


The projects listed in this section are managed by Los Alamos County Public Works staff Contractor. For more information email [email protected], call 505.662.8150 or visit us the link “Projects/Public Works” below www.losalamosnm.us.

Please slow down and be careful within the building zones. Please note that the information below is based on a schedule provided by the contractors and are subject to change due to weather or other delays.

Sherwood Blvd and Aztec Ave

Residents of Sherwood Boulevard must enter and exit via Grand Canyon Drive. That A shutter is required to facilitate the installation of a new storm drain pipe and valley gutter aztec avenue.

Sidewalks are closed and barricaded to pedestrians while crews remove and replace sections the sidewalk. Traffic facilities and diversion signs are in place to assist motorists, cyclists and others Pedestrians navigate through the work zone.

Vehicle access is restricted to those in the immediate work area and the Post Office Delivery, emergency services, garbage and recyclables collection. For the safety of travelers The public and residents are asked not to remove or move traffic control equipment, signs and the like barricades. Local residents with special access needs are asked to contact the public Factory Department at 505.662.8150.

The closure of Sherwood from Grand Canyon to Aztec for this initial phase of work is scheduled to be completed by the end of June while the lockdown is in place for the next phase of Piedra’s roadworks Loop to Grand Canyon is scheduled for August 2022.

Bixby Electric is working on installing a new street light at Piedra Loop and Sherwood Blvd Overlap. Work schedules are subject to change depending on weather conditions and material delivery delays. Working hours are Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Please call or email the Public Works Department at 505.662.8150 or [email protected] questions or concerns.

Partial closure of the Canyon Rim Trail due to construction

Contractors for Qualcom Builders (Canyon Walk Apartments) will be placing bricks on a regular basis and landscaping along the south side of the Canyon Rim Trail between DP Road and DP Canyon Bridge 7am and 5pm Monday, May 9th through Friday, May 13th. During this activity the south side of the trail will be closed intermittently as the rock emerges and the landscaping is placed by a small device. Employees of contractors (flaggers) will be on hand to safely guide trail users through the work area during these times. Trail users are asked to exercise caution during this work and to follow the instructions of flagmen.

Traffic and road projects:

The projects listed in this section are managed by County Traffic & Streets Division staff.

Please slow down and be careful inside construction zones. Contact Acting Traffic and Roads Manager Daniel Blea directly with any questions or concerns at 505.663.8206.

County wide striping

Crews will continue to mark streets in White Rock and Los Alamos. vehicle and pedestrian Traffic is urged to keep a safe distance from the marking devices to prevent getting them Property sprayed with paint.

Asphalt repairs on the Camino Entrada

Road crews will replace asphalt on Camino Entrada where it has dropped by a manhole. Work will begin at 8am on Monday 9th May and will be completed there by 3.30pm the same day a marking operation is set up.

Pavement repairs on Rover Boulevard and Bryce Avenue

Starts between 8am and 3.30pm, Tuesday 10th May – Friday 13th May, Streets Crews will replace portions of the sidewalk on Bryce Avenue and Rover Boulevard. sidewalk closures Detour signs will be posted along the route. Please observe and obey all traffic signs.

Concrete trucks will be on the roadway at times as needed. Pay attention to labeling operations and slowing down in these work areas to avoid accidents.

Projects outside the district:

The following road construction updates are posted below in the interest of local residents informed but managed or performed by others. Please respect all traffic devices and Slowdown in work zones.

1505 Utility Works at 15th Street and Nectar Street – Sidewalk closure and rerouting

From May 9th to May 10th, Cablecom of New Mexico, LLC will replace cable along 15th Street and Nectar Street. There will be sidewalk closures on both sides of Nectar (between Rose and 15th) and 15th (between Sage Loop and Nectar). The crews will drill under the road and pull new cables.

Crews will post detour signs for all sidewalk closures. Please follow all traffic signs and Slow down in these areas to avoid accidents.

Construction updates are posted on the county website every Friday to explain traffic control expected for the next week – click on the road construction quick link – or Click here.

Or subscribe to the Cone Zone newsletter and receive automatic traffic information via email week – just visit the ‘Newsletter’ link on the home page and click on ‘The Cone Zone’ subscribe to the box Click here.

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